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SGU (VP & Yang Chi ) Empty SGU (VP & Yang Chi )

Post by Davdub on February 13th 2010, 11:33 am

"Ib tug ua, ib tug txhob rhuav" yog txhais licas? Tsis ceevfaj tsam Potter ua rau VP rov raug txim tsis muaj hnub tawm! Chee Yang nyob hauv VP daim "black list?" Txawm licas los tejzaum FBI rau tej nom loj yuav paub tas lawm ho. Nej xav licas?

Bill: Yesterday, I was invited to be the distinguished guest to 'open' the 3-day Lao-Hmong New Year celebration at the Adam's County Fairgrounds. Besides a few thousand Hmong, the Mayor of Westminster, Nancy McNally, and two of her city council members attended, a country commissioner and a state representative. It was very festive and, if Ed could have attended, he would have been relieved that we didn't have to drink their strong 'kickapoo joy juice', as we have in the past!

Mayor McNally said that their Veterans Memorial Project is nearing completion.

Nationwide, I am still helping General Vang Pao, and his team, register and validate all Lao-Hmong SGU veterans and widows around the country. As you know, Congressman Jim Costa (D-CA) has processed and coordinated a bill with VA to provide very limited VA benefits (veterans recognition to all Asian Allies from the Vietnam War with access to all national cemeteries, and state veterans cemeteries, with 'full military honors'). I will be flying to Southern California on the 4th of December to visit with General Vang Pao and his family to further coordinate this effort. Working with the State Department, General Vang Pao has also arranged a "Day of Reconciliation" with the Communist Laotian Government to be held on the 10th of January. He, the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand, a top Thai official and the Laotian Communist leader will meet on the Mekong River bridge between Laos and Thailand to hold this ceremony. The Communist Laotian government has agreed to return Lao-Hmong land and property back to their original clans and provide land for any Lao-Hmong family that wants to return to Laos. I doubt that many Lao-Hmong Americans will want to return to Laos ever, other than to possibly visit relatives or help sponsor some relatives to the United States. This gesture, hopefully, will also stop the persecution of Lao-Hmong people still hiding in the jungles of Laos from the Pathet Lao and Vietnamese military forces......to be seen.

General Vang Pao also wants to change the date of the National Lao-Hmong Recognition Day from the 22nd of July primarily because that date was selected arbitrarily by Vang Chee, who is on the General's 'black list' as he was never a "Colonel", never in the SGU, nor the CIA and led student rallies against the U.S. and Lao-Hmong SGU and their families in 1975.

By the way, all Lao-Hmong clans were present at yesterday's New Year opening ceremonies where each clan participates in a ceremonial 'toast', except the Colorado Yang clan. Only Lo Yang was there who has distanced himself from Yang Chee. The new Lao-Hmong National Recognition Day being considered is the day that CIA Agent Bill Lair concluded the military alliance between the U.S. and General Vang Pao.

As far as 'registering' the other Asian allies, I have assigned a team of 3 U.S. retired senior officers. who directly worked and coordinated our Cambodian allies during the Vietnam War to work with them. I will continue to work with General Vang Pao to contact and register the Lao-Hmong SGU veteran communities and I have also organized a Vietnamese non-profit organization and team to help me contact and coordinate the registration of all South Vietnamese veterans across the country: www.usvava.com

After meeting with General Vang Pao on the 4th of December, I will meet with the top South Vietnamese community leaders, veterans, generals and admirals on the 5th of December, including General Ton That Dinh and General Nyuen Khanh, who was the last 'head of state' that surrendered to the North Vietnamese in Saigon in 1975. I will arrange to meet later with the Denver Vietnamese community leaders and then with other states.

To coordinate and register our Montagnard allies, I have assigned a non-profit organization of U.S. Special Forces that fought and worked directly with them during the Vietnam War. I have attached the registration form that I created for all of the Asian allies, except the Lao-Hmong SGU, which General Vang Pao's hired team created just for the SGU.

Congressman Jim Costa's bill should be introduced anytime to Congressman Bob Filner (D-CA), Chairman of the House of Representatives Veterans Affairs Committee. As you know, Congressman Filner was successful in bringing limited VA benefits to the WWII Filipino Scouts who worked for the U.S. Army. This should be a true bi-partisan effort and we have already 'lined up' many Congressmen and Senators to support or co-sponsor this bill once we receive an official House Bill number.

Finally, I am hoping to arrange for General Vang Pao to visit Colorado next year, perhaps for the Lao-Hmong New Year opening ceremony in November, right after Thanksgiving, since the Colorado Vue Clan will be in charge of organizing it.

Joe Potter


Mayor McNally:

I am aware that you and other prominent members of the Westminster City government attended the Hmong New Year festivities this weekend. While I was unable to attend, certain matters that were reported to me were somewhat distressing. I hope that this e-mail sets the record straight.

The Lao-Hmong Memorial Foundation Board of Directors consists of five US born Vietnam veterans. The only Hmong associated with our efforts is Yang Chee who serves as a non-voting advisor and interpreter. Congressman Ed Perlmutter is the Honorary Chair of the Foundation and we are extremely careful regarding our fundraising and marketing efforts.

Joe Potter is not associated in any capacity with this effort. I have learned that Joe Potter is not a Brigadier General, although he has presented himself in this capacity at numerous Hmong events. You may remember that he was at the Hmong Recognition Day celebration in 2007 as a Lieutenant General (three stars). He retired from the Air Force as a Colonel. He has organized or joined several quasi-military organizations not sanctioned by the DOD, awarded himself honorary rank and wears uniforms that are almost indiscernible from standard US military garb. I have personal knowledge of a request that was recently sent to the FBI in Washington to open an investigation into Potter's activities. The package was prompted by three retired local Air Force officers who remain concerned about Potter's involvement in raising funds from the Hmong. The submission is very comprehensive and includes photos of Potter at various Hmong events appearing as a General officer.

Please be aware that the Denver Hmong community is in chaos and that Joe Potter has caused considerable dissension within their ranks. He has personally and publically attacked Yang Chee who I know to be a man of great integrity and a tireless supporter of the Hmong locally and nationally. It was Yang Chee who was able to get the Colorado delegation to push legislation through the US Congress to name July 22nd as National Lao Hmong Recognition Day.

I have copied Bill Walenczak and Becky Eades on this note to alert them to the possibility that others might try to meddle in the Memorial project. I am the only point of contact for this project. I sent a note this week to the persons who have contributed the seed money to let them know that I have temporarily suspended fundraising efforts until I can be assured that divisive elements within the Hmong community do not try to undermine our efforts or falsely present themselves as authorized to accept donations on our behalf. I expect to resolve this problem fairly quickly.

I keep Bill Holen at Congressman Perlmutter's office fully aware of the Foundation's efforts. He is also aware of the controversy surrounding Joe Potter.

My enthusiasm for the Hmong Memorial remains high. The story of the sacrifices of the Hmong during the Vietnam War is a story that needs to be told and Westminster is the right place for this overdue recognition. I have been very pleased with the efforts put forth by your staff to make this Memorial a reality.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Bob Resling
303.898.6429 Cell phone
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