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    Thay Ying Lor Case

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    Lo-Pha Society Inc seeks ways to find justice for Thaying Lor

    Written by Richard Wanglue
    Saturday, 06 February 2010 21:11
    Richard Wanglue interviewed Blia Yoa Lo on February 6, 2010Milwaukee, WI – February 6, 2010, there were more than 100 people attended a Hmong community meeting at the New Life Hmong Alliance Church in Milwaukee to send a message to Circuit Judge Kevin Martens to reconsider Thaying Lor’s case.

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    Thaying Lor was convicted of five sexual assaults and an attempted assault and faced up to 110 years in prison on last December 2009 in Circuit Judge Kevin Marten’s court in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    A part of the Lo-Pha Society, Inc.’s Press Conference released to SuabHmong on February 6, 2010 said that on November 17, 2009, an uninformed and misguided jury of 12 people listened to the lies of Ms. Yang (Thaying Lor’s ex-wife) and her mother and found Thaying Lor guilty of crimes that he did not commit. Again, they have their verdict on the false testimonies of Ms. Yang and her mother.
    The 12 Jurors included one Hispanic, one African American and ten others were Caucasian. They have no or little knowledge of the Hmong traditional marriage. Due to their lack of knowledge, it would be extremely difficult for them to determine who is telling the truth. Your Ad Here

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    Blia Yao Lor, president of Lo-Pha Society, Inc. said “the purpose of the today’s meeting because we see and Hmong organizations see that the verdict the judge gave to Thaying 110 years in prison is not justice because the judge does not have concrete evidence or physical evidence to prove so we think that in order to give a verdict to a person, the judge need to look at the truth that is number one. Number two we think the judge should not go ahead with the verdict, he needs to find more of minority to serve in the jury before he made the decision to move on.”

    Blia Yoa Lo also mentioned that the following Hmong Organizations were asked to participate the meeting to explain Hmong Culture and Custom and some detail information on the US law: Hmong 18 Clan Council of Wisconsin, Hmong Human Right Watch, Hmong Phooj Ywg, SeeYee Community, Hmong Community Center, and Hmong United Asia Service of Wisconsin.

    Representatives from an organization, Freedom Inc, that was not on the Lo-Pha Society, Inc. list also attended the meeting to listen to the reactions of the Hmong Organizations and individuals on Thaying Lor’s case. Kabzuag Vaj, Executive Director of Freedom Inc from Madison, Wisconsin said “Thaying Lor’s verdict was based on sexual assaults and not based on Hmong traditional marriage. We need to know the truth.”

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